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I Got Issues

Feeling like you have to pretend you have faith and relationships all figured out? You are not alone! Check in with Danielle and some of her favorite people -- regular, young Catholics just like you. We've all got issues; let's talk about them.

Danielle Burr is a marriage and family therapist with a passion for finding Jesus in the middle of life's messes.

Jun 28, 2017

Today we're talking about the conversion and difference that the Lord makes in our daily lives. Danielle sits down with mentor, Jad Levi, of Alpha USA for a conversation about conversion, surrender, and allowing the Lord to work in your life. How can we turn to the Lord and allow Him to work in our lives?


Hit the...

Jun 21, 2017

Ever feel like sometimes we focus a little too much on the negative aspects of our lives? Today on I Got Issues, Danielle is joined by friend of the show and fellow therapist, Pam Savoia to talk about cultivating a positive mindset. How can we focus on the good while encouraging those close to us to do the same?


Jun 14, 2017

Danielle is joined for another conversation with her best friend, Dr. (MRS!) Krista Goins. She shares some of the big lessons that she has learned in three years of marriage. They talk about the fears she had going into marriage, the reality of married life, and the everyday blessings that come with lifelong...

Jun 7, 2017

Gabe Castellanos is back to continue a conversation about dating, relationships, and friendships in the context of letting go of control and trusting in Jesus. God made us human beings, not human doings; let's follow the Lord and trust in His plan!

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