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I Got Issues

Feeling like you have to pretend you have faith and relationships all figured out? You are not alone! Check in with Danielle and some of her favorite people -- regular, young Catholics just like you. We've all got issues; let's talk about them.

Danielle Burr is a marriage and family therapist with a passion for finding Jesus in the middle of life's messes.

Feb 26, 2019

As Danielle and Miranda have grown in their faith, they both have had to come to terms with the call they have to live out that faith in real life. It can be so difficult to be a Christian in all things, but we never know how our own integrity might help someone else be brave too. Today on #IGotIssues, let's look at...

Feb 12, 2019

Clarissa joins Danielle and Miranda in studio today to share what it looks like when friends help each other through life's struggles. Get you a friend who let's you be real with your feelings, problems, and fears. And if you think you can't? Pray about it, because Jesus is there too.

Thanks for listening to...