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I Got Issues

Feeling like you have to pretend you have faith and relationships all figured out? You are not alone! Check in with Danielle and some of her favorite people -- regular, young Catholics just like you. We've all got issues; let's talk about them.

Danielle Burr is a marriage and family therapist with a passion for finding Jesus in the middle of life's messes.

Feb 12, 2019

Clarissa joins Danielle and Miranda in studio today to share what it looks like when friends help each other through life's struggles. Get you a friend who let's you be real with your feelings, problems, and fears. And if you think you can't? Pray about it, because Jesus is there too.

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Jan 24, 2019

Danielle and Miranda are blessed to welcome Bishop Olmsted to #IGotIssues. Get to know our bishop a bit better in that I Got Issues way, but especially in his relationship with Christ. Thanks for listening!

Jan 16, 2019

Today on #IGotIssues, Deacon James Carabajal, CEO of the Catholic Community Foundation, sits down with Danielle and Miranda for a personal, emotional look at marriage and the reality of commitment in good times and in bad.

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Jan 8, 2019

Danielle and Miranda take an honest look at 2018 - the year of the dumpster fire - and the ways they have seen the Lord moving both in the crises and in spite of the crises. Thanks for listening to #IGotIssues! #Jesusandfences

Spolier alert! The girls refer to two upcoming episodes that you won't want to miss. Be sure...

Dec 18, 2018

Danielle and Miranda love Christmas, but sometimes there can be ...challenges. Let's talk about some of our most pressing concerns about celebrating the holidays well.

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